Videos of The Week: Brake Failure and Brake Checks NSFW(L)

This week we have two brand new videos from Youtube involving some gruesome brake related crashes.

First up, we have an 18 wheeler crash that occurred somewhere in Russia. The driver of the truck lost his brakes when approaching standstill traffic, and didn’t have enough time or room to get out of the way without causing some disastrous damage. It you look carefully, you can see one vehicle notice the truck barreling towards him and gets out of the way just in time to save himself from utter destruction. Enjoy!

Lastly, we have a brake check gone wrong that happened somewhere in the UK. A dangerous driver traveling awful slow on a local freeway refused to pick up speed despite being tailgated by other drivers. Instead o increasing her speed to the recommended velocity, the dumb driver decides to brake check the people behind the vehicle. What happens next not even she expected. This is why you don’t brake check people!! Just drive the speed limit!