VIDEO: Reading Brake Pad Edge Codes

The edge code can help you match the new friction material to the vehicle. With the code you can tell who made the pad, friction material and if it meets certain environmental standards. Edge Code is a language written by engineers, federal entities and industry associations. Like any language, edge coding has its own “grammar.” The two letters you need to focus on are the hot and cold friction levels.

At the end edge code number is the hot and cold coefficients of friction. In the edge code, the first letter notes the normal coefficient of friction (temperatures ranging from 200° F to 400° F) and the second ­letter notes the hot coefficient of friction (ranging from 300° F to 650° F). You want to match the hot and cold friction levels with the original pads if possible. If the friction levels don’t match, it could upset the braking balance of the vehicle.

Code C=0.00–0.15
Code D 0.15–0.25

Code E 0.25–0.35
Code F 0.35–0.45
Code G 0.45–0.55
Code H 0.55 and above
Code Z Ungraded