VIDEO: Judge’s Speech on The Vehicle Safety and Driver Responsibility Must Be Heard

New Zealand judge Lance Rowe this week sentenced a driver who was involved in a crash the killed one and injured three. Rowe’s speech during sentencing should be heard by all drivers that are delaying brake repairs or thinking about going with the least expensive option. The judge explains how some drivers violate the contract we all make when we get behind the wheel.

“The tragedy is, yet again, another young man has died because this fundamental obligation has been ignored,” Judge Rowe.

The crash was caused by the driver’s “caviler” attitude towards safety. His Subaru had worn brakes and bald tires at the time of the collision. It had been tagged by the police with a sticker indicating it should not be on the roads. The judge makes the point that every driver must treat the car coming towards is filled with family and people they love.

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