Video: Google Self-Driving Car PRANK

By now, just about everyone has heard about the ever-astounding Google Self-Driving Car. You’ve maybe seen the videos or read an article about the technology, but what would you do if you actually saw one of these bad boys roaming the streets of NYC?

That’s precisely what the creative geniuses at F.A.T Lab (The Free Art and Technology Lab) were thinking when they created the Self-Driving Car hoax.

These visionaries took a Fiat 500 and transformed it into an exact copy of the Google prototype, spinning camera and all. People were so convinced that is was the real deal, that pictures of the car were surfacing all over social media.

But the best part is that they took the car into the heart of the city, and purposely crashed into all sorts of objects, including one unlucky biker.

Here’s the video! Enjoy.