VIDEO: Dragging Brakes? Outside Pad Wear? Service the Hardware, Brackets and Pick the Right Pads

Winter roads can be brutal on brakes. Corrosion can cause brake problems on vehicles that may still be under warranty. Youtube star FordTechMakuloco shows you a corrosion-related brake problem on a 2012 Ford Explorer with only 29,000 miles.

Corrosion between the hardware, pad and caliper bracket will cause uneven brake ware. mold_content_01But, look at the edge lift on the outer pad! These are the stock pads!

One solution not discussed in this video are replacement pads. Corrosion on the backing plate can bear some of the blame for the uneven wear. Some backing plates have a plated surface that corrosion proof and eliminate “Rust Jacking”. Pads like this might have a NRS stamped into the back of the backing plate.