VIDEO: Camaro Crashes Into Brake Repair Shop

A driver of a Camaro in Greenville, SC discovered that brakes don’t work if the tires are not in contact with the pavement. Joderric Freeman was driving down Woodruff Road around 1:50 a.m. when he struck a vehicle at an intersection in front of Brakes 4 Less. Freeman’s Camaro was already traveling at a high rate of speed when he hit the curb and embankment. The car jumped the curb and traveled across the parking lot in the air before crashing into the front of the shop. According to the Brakes 4 Less manager, he was impressed with the car’s hang time and managing to clear almost all of the parking lot.

The Camaro flew through the brake shop hitting several vehicles in its path and even taking out a post for a lift. The shop has insurance and was open the next day. The driver of the Camaro is being charged with DUI.