VIDEO: Boulder Comes Within Inches of Crushing Car

This is the closest of calls. This Toyota sedan was driving in Taiwan when a massive boulder pummels down a mountain and comes within inches of crushing the car and everyone inside. The event occurred in the southern city of Tainan on Saturday.

The boulder was loosened by a landslide which was caused by torrential rain. The car’s driver made a great choice to get out of the way of the initial landslide by switching lanes. Had the car stayed in the right lane, it might have been flattened.

Imagine being the car’s occupants watching the boulder slowly fall into your car only to lose momentum and fall backwards away from you. Lucky break.

The car’s occupants are said to have had made it out with only minor injuries and unfortunately for Taiwan’s motorists, Tropical storm Kong-Rey, which has already dropped more than 500 millimeters of rain on the island, is expected to continue through Monday.