Top 10 Trending Articles

Here is a list our top 10 highest trending articles.

1. Top Ten Brake Job Mistakes For Pads, Rotors and Calipers

This post details a top 10 list of brake job mistakes made by rookie mechanics when replacing brake pads, rotor, and calipers.

2. Why Do I Need New Brake Calipers?

In this article, we detail some of the reasons you might need to replace your brake calipers and when you might need to replace them.,fluid%20can%20cause%20brake%20failure.

3. Reading Brake Pads: What Can a Worn Set Of Brake Pads Tell You?

This post gives some tips on what to look out for when inspecting brake pads.

4. How Do You Remove A Stuck Rotor, Lug Nut or Caliper Bracket?

In this article, we talk about how corrosion and rust can cause issues when removing rotors, lug nuts, or caliper brackets.

5. BRAKE TECH: Why Do Some Brake Pads Stink or Smell?

When a customer gets new brake pads on their car and they don’t smell correct, there is a high chance they come back to the shop with their concerns. Here, we tell you what is really happening so you can help calm your customers nerves

6. Ford v Ferrari: 60 Second Brake Rotor Swap

The movie Ford v Ferrari was a smash hit that mentions a claim that sounds bold even today. Here, we detail how the solution to quick-change brakes was just common sense and how it’s still used today

7. Tech Tip: Ford F150 Inner and Outer Brake Pad Mix Up

In 2010, the Ford F150 made a change to make their outer and inner brake pads different. If mixed up, this could cause serious damage.

8. Decrypting Brake Pad Edge Codes

More often than not, brake pads or shoes have a cryptic code printed on their side that makes them look like a clue to the DaVinci code. We tell you exactly what you need to know to understand this code.

9. DIY FAQ: What Tools Do I Need To Change My Brake Pads?

Your tool box should have the proper equipment needed to change brake pads. We tell you exactly what you need

10. BRAKE FAQ: What are Nominal, ‘Machine To’ and Discard Brake Rotor Specifications?

One of our frequently asked questions asks us to describe the difference between the types of brake rotor thicknesses. These are some of the best descriptions we have read.