Top 10 Signs You Are Watching a Bad Brake Video on Youtube

kid:brake:repair:videoEvery day, more than 11 years of video are uploaded to YouTube. Most are cat videos, but more than 700,000 videos that have been uploaded on how to replace your brakes. Most of these videos show some idiot in a driveway replacing brake pads and rambling on about what some guy told him to do. A minority are decent and insightful, but the majority of the brake jobs are half-assed and the person would be better off not touching any tools. Here are the top 10 signs you can use to tell if you are watching a bad brake video on YouTube:


10. It is from Expert Village: The guy uses the phrase “fat spot” in the video. Also, he says rear warped brake rotors shake the seat.

9. Children are doing the brake work: Aww, you made your kid work on the brakes! It is cute and scary at the same time!

8. The guy is using woodworking tools instead of a brake lathe.

7. This guy has family problems. This video is a classic and I am sure this guy is a professional comedian. Every person thinking about doing a brake job in their driveway should watch this video.

6. The guy spends most of the video talking about the tools instead of doing the actual work.

5. Any brake video with Scotty Kilmer. This parody is a must-watch for DIYers and Pros. The video also lampoons Chris Fix.

4. The guy has been drinking a little too much. The guy is working on his American truck, drinking an American beer and installing Chinese brake pads. Murica!

3. The production, equipment and editing software exceeds the price of the vehicle being serviced.

2. The video starts with a guy sitting Indian style with the car on a jack.

  1. If the YouTube video has the words “brake failure” in the title and women in the thumbnail, DON’T CLICK IT. If you are researching brake failures or looking for crash videos, you might come across a genre of videos covering a strange fetish you might have never have imagined. Apparently, some people like to see ladies driving in high heels and suddenly their brakes fail. The videos have extended shots of them pumping the pedal. I don’t get it…