Tesla vs. Jeep: Watch Tesla’s Automatic Emergency Braking in Action

Whether you love them or hate them, Tesla has some impressive features.

While Tesla’s Autopilot system has gotten the lion’s share of attention in the press, the carmaker’s other systems such as automatic emergency braking are quietly preventing crashes all over the country.

In this video, posted to Insideevs.com, a Tesla is seen taking the right lane in the road just as a Jeep Wrangler veers toward it. However, thanks to its automatic emergency braking, the Tesla in video stops itself and avoids and accident.

Tesla’s Autopilot doesn’t need to be turned on for automatic emergency braking, which makes it a much more useful feature in our opinion. While autonomous vehicles loom large, we need to take baby steps to get there.

The system works well, by the looks of it, but Telsa is not the only OEM that offers these systems. Starting in 2021, it will become a requirement for new model-year vehicles.

Source: Insideevs.com