Tech Talk: An Inside Look at Brembo’s F1 Brake Technology

As one of the most iconic names in braking technology, Brembo supplies brakes to some of the world’s premier manufacturers, as well as racing series. Here’s a descriptive inside look at what makes their Formula 1 brakes tick.

In the interest of durability and efficiency, Brembo makes extensive use of lightweight and composite technology. The six piston monoblock calipers are made from a high-tech lithium aluminum alloy, delivering the most effective mix of strength and lightweight character. Their carbon fiber brakes pads and rotors, which change geometrical shape based upon the needs of the system, are monitored by high-tech infrared sensors. Special HCT64T Brembo racing brake fluid is enacted, yielding a low coefficient of comprehensibility and a high boiling point, to ensure top-of-the-line performance under even the harshest of conditions. Brembo utilizes a virtually fail-proof brake by wire alternative braking system to provide redundancy in the event of an electronics failure.

Brembo additionally integrates their system with the Kinetic Energy Recovery System which has become almost law in many of the highest classes of racing today. This system allows for the implementation of smaller rear calipers, while the diameter of the rear discs has been reduced almost 7%. Check out the official Brembo video above for an exact breakdown of each technology used.