Safe Braking’s favorite Superbowl Ads: Car Edition





Super Bowl XLVII was only a few days ago and here at Safe Braking, we’re still talking about the car ads. Here are 4 of our favorite car ads from the event:



#4. Jeep “Whole Again”
The tagline for Jeep’s ad featuring Oprah sums up how many us feel: “When our troops are home, we are more than a family. We are a nation that is whole again.”

#3. Mercedes-Benz “Soul”
The Rolling Stones, Willem Dafoe, Kate Upton and Usher. Who else could you ask for?

#2. Audi “Prom”

We’ve all imagined this scenario before, but not many of us can say that we’ve been that we’d have the guts to go through with it.

#1. Dodge Ram “God Made A Farmer”
Another serious ad but one that is worth watching. “God Made A Farmer” features the voice of Paul Harvey and works on two levels: it’s an ad for Dodge and a promotion for the National FFA Organization (formerly the Future Farmers of America).

Bonus Commercial:

NRS Brakes’ “banned” Super Bowl commercial:

Let us know what your favorites were in the comments section below!