RECALL: Ram to recall 6,800 Promaster Vans

Chrysler has announced they are issuing a full-scale recall of Ram Promaster Vans due to a assembly malfunction that could possibly sear the brake line and cause total brake-failure.

The recall affects 6,800 Promasters built from July 1 to November 15, 2013, although only two percent of those vehicles are believed to suffer from the brake problem! Ironically, about 50% of those vehicles are still in dealer inventory.

The cause of the malfunction is a tool that may have accidentally damaged one of the brake hoses during assembly. That damage could quite possibly result in a brake fluid leak and ultimately cause greater stopping distances, which of course would increase the risk of a crash.

No accidents or injuries have been linked to the issue, Ram says.

Ram will set the situation right by having dealers inspect and, as needed, replace the brake hoses. The recall is set to begin this month.