RECALL: Hyundai Recalls 2015 Sonata For Bad Brakes

The seventh-generation Hyundai Sonata has barely been on sale, and some 5,700 cars are being recalled for a brake caliper issue. The South Korean company blames a “manufacturing error” and oaths it will replace the parts through its dealer network at no cost to owners.

NHTSA documents reveal that Hyundai says it contacted owners with affected vehicles on June 19 and asked them to stop driving their vehicle due to a high chance of inefficient braking. An analysis performed by the brake caliper supplier confirmed the problem, which was directly linked to a singe-day error during production that affects the fatigue resistance in the parts. However, only those made from April 25 to June 16 are covered under the recall.

After purchasing the Sonata, one customer complained that the brake pedal “went to the floor” at stop lights. When the dealer service department inspected the car, they found that one of the two calipers had fractured.

Like a domino effect, the complaint triggered a bigger investigation that discovered that some 2,256 front calipers manufactured in a single day are prone to fracture because of an issue with the casting process.

Sonata owners can call Hyundai at 800-633-5151, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration’s vehicle-safety hotline at 888-327-4236 or go to for more info.