RANT: Jiffy Lube Commercial

If you look at any service interval manual that is included with a vehicle, it is universal that the brakes should be checked at the same interval as the oil change. This can prevent safety problems a possibly a more expensive brake job. Quick lube franchises do not inspect brake during an oil change because they do not sell that type of repair service. So if a driver frequents quick lubes, chances are worn brake pads are not going to be detected until it is too late and the brakes are grinding or the brake pedal has gone soft.

This Jiffy Lube commercial has me baffled. Are drivers that afraid of being sold additional services on vehicles? Wouldn’t you want to know if your brakes were worn? Also the commercial makes shops, dealers and technicians look like over agressive salesman. People for the most part want to take care of their vehicles, advising them of their vehicle’s condition and recommending a repair is the right thing to do.