RANT: Commercials For DIY Brake Jobs From Parts Stores

You are watching the game and a commercial for a national auto parts chain comes on the screen. If it is a live game, you can’t skip it. In just 20-30 seconds they try to make comparisons between wrestling or skinning a bear to replacing the brake pads on a car. I am all about empowering males to get out into the garage and doing something. But, do something besides brakes, please, have them replace an air filter or change a headlight. JUST STAY THE HECK AWAY FROM THE BRAKES.

Or, maybe buy the other 30 seconds to run disclaimer like drug commercials:

“If you have a brake job last more than four hours, please consult a mechanic. Performing your own brake job may result in longer than normal stops, rear end collisions, noise, bad smells, stains on the garage floor, loss of fingers, skid marks on your seats and possibly a fatal accident. Please see you local tool store for the correct torque tools and thread locking compounds. Failure to use these components may result in parts lose and death.”