Only 7 Out Of 28 Vehicles Pass Roadside Inspection In Canada

According to a CTV article, Only seven out of 28 vehicles inspected during a recent roadside random inspection effort by North Bay Police and the Ministry of Transport for Canada. The joint inspection at a weigh station revealed that  Canada’s vehicles might be unsafe. Seven vehicles failed, four owners surrendered plates because they knew they would fail, and 10 plates were taken after it was decided by officials that the vehicles were unsafe.

The Ministry of Transport says common car defects found include:

  • Leaking brake fluid, exhaust, and/or gas
  • Load security
  • Wheels, tires, and mudguards
  • Parking brake failure
  • Vehicle width
  • Signal, brake, and/or tail lights
  • Suspension springs broken, steering ball and socket joints with excessive free-play

Most police in Canada and America have the right to inspect a vehicle if they feel it is unsafe. They can issue tickets for the items that need to be repaired or they can even confiscate the plates of the vehicle. In some states, they will tow the vehicle at the owner’s expense.