One Killed As Brake-Ridden Road Roller Flattens Bystanders

One person is dead and multiple people are injured following a freak accident that took place today in Mapusa, India.

According to reports, a road roller was on the job when it suddenly lost all braking power and started to pick up momentum. The driver started shouting loudly to the people on the road to move aside as the roller begun traveling faster and faster out of control.

When the road roller reached a slope, it hit a scooter coming in the opposite direction. The impact was so powerful that the woman was flung off from her scooter and hit the gutter by the road.

The road roller which was in no control of the driver hit the two two-wheelers along the road. By this time the road roller had already travelled for more than 150 meters along the slope.

Realizing that the vehicle cannot be controlled because of the junction ahead the driver jumped off it to save his life. The speeding road roller, without driver, later  entered a no-entry road and hit a building, and fell on its side, but all not before damaging 11 two-wheelers and a car. Six two-wheelers were completely crushed under the roller.