North Carolina DMV Cracks Down on Vehicle Inspections Results in Tripling of Failed Vehicles

State vehicle inspections can be a controversial topic. The positives of a well run program can outweigh the negatives if the program is properly done. If the state does not closely supervise it’s inspection program, the inspections can be a joke with drivers taking their vehicles to “easy shops” after a reputable shop has flunked them.  On the other end of the spectrum, the programs can become a burden to the tax payers.

North Carolina’s DMV started to take their vehicle inspection program seriously and it resulted in three fold increase in the number of fails issued.

DMV: More N.C. vehicles fail safety inspections


As North Carolina cracks down on fraud in its auto inspection program, the number of vehicles failing safety tests has tripled, a new report shows.

Some 1.2 million vehicles – or 15 percent – did not pass mandatory safety checks in 2011 compared with about 404,000 the previous year, the report said.

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