NHSTA Launches Investigation Regarding Faulty Nissan Sentra/Versa Brakes

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) is launching a full on investigation centered around 200,000 Nissan Sentra and Versa models for an issue with defective brakes.

When first getting wind of this investigation, my first stop was theNHSTA wesbite, because all complaints filed are technically public record, and can be retrieved by anyone. So I made my way to the Nissan section and looked for any complaints that could of possibly contributed to the launch of the investigation.

Here are some of the key complaints I found:

1) “Well I’ve been driving this car for about three months now and the brake light keeps coming on about a week after I got the car the light came on, i took it to the dealership and they told me when its low on brake fluid, the light will come on. Well about three weeks later while driving the light came on again. I took it back to the dealership and they said nothing is wrong with the car. Two weeks later the light came on again and i look the car to the dealership while the light was on and they keep telling me nothing is wrong with the car. So about a week ago the light was on again. I am starting to feel afraid to drive the car because I think it wont stop this is a new car i should not have brake issue this early.”

2) “I purchased a 2013 Nissan altima 2.5 s in july of 2012 with 349 miles on it. I have had numerous problems and have returned the vehicle on several occasions for repair and have yet to find a solution to the problem. In the mean time they are only getting worse. The first problem occurred 2 weeks after i purchased it. I got in my car and applied the brake and pushed the button to start the car and the car hesitated, it was almost like the starter had hung up. I wasn’t too worried at first and figure it was just a one time fluke, but it wasn’t. Nearly five days later it occurred again and atleast one or twice a week there after. After 4 weeks and it having done it about 4 times by then i made and appointment to have it service and a few days later i noticed 2 new noise problems. I was driving with window down one day and heard a loud chiming or jingling noise coming from what sounded like the front driver tire.it pretty much sounded to be a loose nut or screw jingling around somewhere. Then a few days after that’s when the brakes started squealing. And it was terrible and very loud, like nails on chalkboard and very embarrassing. So when i bring it to be serviced they tell me that the issue i had when started could not be duplicated and that the brakes where cleaned and the rotors where shaved down and also that they put no squeal on. And for the issue with the jingling noise was that a screw was loose and rattling around on the engine cover. But when i drove the next day the brakes started squealing again so once more 2 weeks later i return it again.and they tell me they have to shave the rear rotors this time. When i leave this time the squealing does not return for 2 weeks. So once more i return it this time they tell me that dirt is caked under my brake pads and all i can do is pretty much pressure wash them every day. That’s not quality!”

3) “The brakes on the nissan altima are constantly squealing. I brought a brand new altima nissan 2013. I have taken the car to the dealership several times and also contacted customer care for nissan. The squealing of my brakes issue has not been resolved. I was told at the dealership i would have to deal with the squealing for as long as i have the vehicle. I was also told there was an alert (by a floor manager). Well, customer care said that was not true. I am trying to get rid of the car. There is no reason to have squealing brakes. This occurs every time i make a stop or reversing. I also have a problem with the push to start button. I have complained that it acts as if it does not want to “catch” i was told when i first complained that a new starter was order and i would be contacted when it arrives. That was in 2012. It is May 2013. Still have not been called by the service department and my car has been service at least 3 times since it was reported.”

As you can see from the complaints above, it’s not just one person suffering from low grade brakes, it’s many people.

Although I only posted three complaints, you can follow the link I posted above and read the copious amounts of rage yourself.  It is apparent something somewhere went wrong when making all those cars, but now it is solely up to the NHSTA and Nissan to make it right.

So far, there has not been a conclusion of the instigation and results are being eagerly anticipated. It is likely we will hear something regarding a possible recall or free maintenance checks for all affected drivers. Be aware that Federal Law states that if a safety problem is found, Nissan has 5 business days to issue a recall or they will be faced with large penalties and fines.