Hyundai Fined $17.35M For Failing To Issue Brake Recall

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration said on Thursday that Hyundai has agreed to pay the $17.45M fine they had issued, after failing to notify regulators in a timely manner that certain components on 2009-2012 Hyundai Genesis sedans were in danger of corrosion, reducing their overall effectiveness in preventing a crash. The fine comes as auto makers and U.S. safety regulators face heightened scrutiny over the timeliness of safety recalls.

The safety agency said Hyundai was aware in 2012 that the brake fluid on these models didn’t sufficiently prevent corrosion, but instead of launching a safety recall instructed its dealers to just simply change the brake fluid. A quick fix, but nothing permanent.

NHTSA said it wasn’t aware of any fatalities linked to the Hyundai brake defect, but it did receive 87 consumer complaints suggesting difficulty with braking on the Genesis vehicles.

“NHTSA checks every recall for lack of timeliness and if the agency believes there is an issue it will take action as necessary,” the agency said in a statement. Federal law states car makers to report safety-defects to NHTSA within five days or face large penalties.