FOUND on eBAY: Callahan Brake Pads

Tommy_Boy (2)In the 1995 Movie Tommy Boy, the main characters are on the road trying to sell a new line of aftermarket brake pads to distributors and jobbers. The line went by the name of Callahan Brakes. The brake pads were sold as the best money could buy and made in Sandusky, OH (the movie was filmed in Toronto). It is one of my favorite films of all time.

Holy shnikes! I was stunned when I was cruising eBay for some parts for my Rambler American when I saw an auction for a set of brake rotors made by Callahan Brakes. The logo was the same as in the movie, but the parts are probably made overseas.

If you try to find more information

callahan brake padson Callahan brakes you will not find a company website, all you will find are the listings on eBay and forum post complaining about the quality of the parts.

It really has me wondering if someone did this out of nostalgia or did some one overseas think that the movie Tommy Boy was a documentary about a real brake company? The world may never know…

But even without  looking at a butcher’s ass by sticking your head up there you can see that these brakes might not be the same ones from the movie.

From the Movie:callahan plant




From the eBay Auction:callahan logo




My favorite scene: