FMSI, US Government Agencies Send Strong Message To Counterfeit Brake Importers

The Friction Material Standards Institute (FMSI) has been working with officials at the U.S. Customs, Border Patrol and Homeland Security to identify counterfeit brake products and companies who violate FMSI’s intellectual property rights ahead of the 2019 Automotive Aftermarket Products Expo (AAPEX).

“FMSI has successfully pursued violators with equitable results,” says Frank Oliveto, President of FMSI. “We have an aggressive initiative in progress in preparing for the 2019 APPEX event and will enforce Temporary Restraining Orders (TRO’s) at the event should the need arise.”

FMSI was founded in 1948 as a trade association of automotive aftermarket friction manufacturers who make brake pads and clutch facings. The organization facilitates the sharing of new brake product application information with its member aftermarket companies.

The benefits of the collaboration is a standardized brake product catalog numbering system that saves members time and money managing catalogs and developing new replacement applications. For shops and consumers, it means more choices of better brake pads that will come to market sooner.

According to FMSI, licensee members have the right to use the FMSI part numbering system only for those products purchased from an active or regional member. Active members who buy products from non-FMSI members do not have the right to use the proprietary FMSI part numbering system for such products. Regional members who purchase products from non-FMSI members do not have the right to use the proprietary FMSI part numbering system.

“This key area we are pursuing is protecting our members in good standing from non-FMSI members who are knowingly and/or unknowingly using the FMSI proprietary numbering system,” said Oliveto. “If you think your company might be violating FMSI intellectual property policies, please contact the FMSI headquarters. We want to talk with you about your situation and FMSI membership opportunities.”

Recently, FMSI has sent out over 20 applications to companies who may qualify for FMSI membership, they have approved seven new members and have several applications pending.

FMSI can be contacted at (203) 245-8425 or You can also learn more at