F1 Monaco: The Toughest Turn

The Monaco Circuit, or better known as the “Monte Carlo” to locals, is one of the more legendary races in Formula One racing. The race itself has been running since 1929, and attracts fans from all over the world for one week in May every year. Since it’s inception, there has been many winners and only about 4 deaths, mostly due to driver error.

The course is known for it’s unique composition and unbelievable hairpins turns, causing a good chunk of racers to crash before the race’s finish. But one turn of the race is always assumed to be tougher than the rest, requiring a little more braking power than previously needed in other turns. This turn is simply known as “Turn 10” but to some, it could very well be known as the “Final Turn”.

To fully explain the science behind conquering this turn, Brembo Brakes has created an informative video to do just that. Enjoy!