Excited Tesla Owner Crashes Car Seconds After Buying It

Usually when you purchase a car and sign the dotted line, a store employee will fetch your car from the showroom or lot and bring it to you to drive off in. But this time, at a Tesla dealership in California, they let the new owner drive it out. They would later regret this decision.

Things were going smoothly for the new owner, who was eager to test out the charging feature of the car. But when attempting to back the car into the charging bay, the driver accidentally put it in drive, then accidentally stepped on the gas instead of the brake! This propelled the car forward ultimately striking it against a metal Tesla sign, ruining the front end and costing thousands worth of damages to this all electric sports car.

It is said a car loses 20% of it’s value the second it leaves the dealership parking lot. I guess it seems that this car lost it’s value before it even left the parking lot!