DOT Make Me Laugh: Manager’s Brakes Have Issues

Managers are good at telling you what to do and all, but they don’t always know when their own brakes are failing. A recent post on Reddit’s Just Rolled Into The Shop explains how the shop manager asked his tech to take a looksy-loo, and lo and behold, it was not good.

There’s a reason that automotive shops are labeled “essential” during this coronavirus shutdown, and our trusty manager is a perfect example of why we need our shops to remain open.

Now, all jokes aside, this caliper gave a lot of warning to the driver who should’ve known what he was hearing/feeling through the brake pedal, yet he didn’t do anything about it. Let’s assume that he was too busy fixing all of our grandparent’s end elderly folks’ cars and didn’t have time to repair his own. But that would be giving him too much credit.

Some commenters tore into the job this tech was about to perform with some biting remarks:

So… this belongs to the guy that tells you what to do? I’d probably consider other employment opportunities!level 3C_M_O_TDibbler12 points·2 hours ago

Managers are often not mechanics who got “promoted” but office bodies all along, there are cases where mechanics get promoted to stop them doing harm also.level 4divorcedfatherof511 points·1 hour ago

True enough! But part of being a good manager is dealing with problems and getting those problems solved.

How loud do you think this guys radio gets? He deals with problems by turning up the radio. Not good management! Anyhow have a good day all you essential workers out there!!!level 5C_M_O_TDibbler2 points·40 minutes ago

I didn’t mention GOOD managers, they are managers because it is easier to move them up than it is to let them go (because they are friends with one of the bosses or they have family that are)

Ouch. Yes, managers are people too. And most of us have one; even if you are a manager, so cut the guy some slack. Eventually, he turned his radio down and did the right thing. Personally, I would not want my entire shop knowing that I was that asleep at the wheel but that’s just me.

We hope he at least gets parts at a discount because this job isn’t going to be cheap. For a good laugh at this manager’s expense, check out the thread here. Stay safe out there, and thank you, essential workers.