Don’t Selfie and Drive: Ghost-Ride Gone Wrong

This morning, Jalopnik posted one of the most hilarious (and extremely sad) videos they’ve ever posted to their site.

An Arabian teenager and her friend were driving around their home city at night when the passenger decided it would be a perfect time to take selfie/video. Instead of watching the road and keeping her hands on the wheel, the driver threw up a ‘heart symbol’ and proceeded to sing along with the Arabian music playing in the background while smiling at the camera.

Ultimately, to her unfortunate demise (and her friends too), seconds after the driver took her eyes off the road they maliciously crashed into a car and were immediately issued to a local hospital.

Here is the video putting teen drivers to shame:

Fortunately, both girls weren’t seriously injured and are currently in stable condition. As for the drivers car and her license, I don’t believe they will be on the road anytime soon after this easily-preventable mishap.

ALWAYS keep your hands on the wheel and your eyes on the road!!