CUSTOMER STATES: The Wheel Was Difficult to Remove


This photo comes from Reddit’s subreddit “JustRolledintoTheShop” and was submitted by  pancakekiller77. Some wheels can weld themselves to the rotor or hub and be impossible to remove. This driver resorted to pounding on the face or the wheel with a hammer. Ouch!!! I am sure the driver was stranded by the side of the road at night and did not see the damage until the morning.

Here are my top techniques for removing a stuck rim:

1.   Rust penetrant on the lugs and hub (avoid the brake pads).

2. Rolling pry bar between the caliper bracket and an spoke of the wheel.

3. Hit the BACK of the wheel with a BFH (click here to find out what is a BFH)

4. loosen the lugs slightly  and drive 5-10 feet forward and in reverse gently.

What is your  trick for removing a stuck rim?