Covid19 Inspection Extentions Impacting Safety

In the past six months, many countries suspended vehicle safety inspection programs. Most of the programs did not want to put inspectors at risk of contracting Coronavirus. But, now we are starting to see the results of reduced inspections.
This week, the Mirror in the UK published a story of a driver who put off a brake repair due to a six-month MOT vehicle inspection extension. The driver had an accident where he hit another vehicle. After the crash, the vehicle was inspected and it was found that the brake pads were below specifications. This prompted the owner’s insurance company to deny the claim.
In the US, fatalities on the roads have decreased but not at the same rate as miles driven. Some states have said they have not seen any decrease in road fatalities. Some states have claimed that since there are few cars on the roads, speeds have increased along with the crashes’ lethality. But, the lack of vehicle safety inspection has probably added to the death toll.