Why Certain Chevrolet Camaro Models Are Not Allowed To Be Sold In Washington And California

California’s Department of Toxic Substances Control (DTSC) started working towards regulating brake pads in 2010. A law was passed prohibiting carmakers and suppliers from producing brake pads that contained trace amounts of copper, heavy metals, and asbestos. The effects of this law are still being out into place and the ban on brake pads with 5% copper or more will take effect starting January 2021. Washington state has similar laws.

“Only the high-power SS and ZL1 variants of the Camaro are affected by the ban; the other versions remain available in California and in Washington” says autoblog.com who reported on the news yesterday morning.

The copper being used in the brake pads is toxic to fish and many other aquatic lifeforms. The dust produced from the friction in the brakes can leak copper into nearby rivers and oceans. This new regulation will hopefully reduce this in an attempt to keep our environment safe.

Chevrolet hopes to reintroduce the SS and ZL1 in 2022 in the states that are being effected by these changes. They plan to work with manufacturers to redesign new high performance brake pads that will fit the regulations being put in place.