RANT: Cheap Brake Pads and Hunting Deer With Land Mines

5407993-whitetail-doe-grazing-its-way-toward-a-land-mineI am about to “lose it” on the next parts-counter computer jockey who quotes me the lowest price first. What is wrong with selling the highest-quality product first when it comes to brake pads? Also, when I ask what is the difference between the parts, don’t just say “that one has a longer warranty.”

When I buy something, I like to be sold. I also consider the selling of brake pads an art. When I am quoted the lowest price first, I assume that person thinks that I am a penny-pinching miser. This hurts my feelings, and it offends me. Selling on price first is like hunting deer with land mines. You may kill the deer, but you do not get to enjoy it afterwards. Plus, you might scare away his friends.

And one more thing, please stock more than one premium brake line! I understand it can be expensive but, I am willing to wait for some premium pads if it means the brake job is up to a customers expectations. Most shops want to be like fine restaurants, they do not want to be a fast food drive thru.

To all the parts-counter stool jockeys, know your friction. If you get a chance, pull a premium set of pads and a cheap set of pads from the shelves. Compare the what is in the box, look at the shims, included hardware and the backing plates. This will make you think twice about recommending the cheapest brake pads first.