City Bus Crashes Into Home After Chain Reaction Crash

An Albuquerque woman is thanking her lucky stars this morning after her life was spared when a local public transportation metro bus was struck by a van experiencing brake failure and crashed into the front of her home.

At first, the woman thought the town had experienced an earthquake, but realized that the situation was far more serious once she heard the voices of the bus’s passengers in the room just a few feet away from her.

Eight people were injured – the bus driver, the passengers, the man driving the van and the owner of the home. Seven of them were transported to the hospital, but none of the injuries was serious.

Rhiannon Schroeder, a mayoral spokeswoman, said the city will not immediately release the name of the bus driver. Rick De Reyes, ABQ Ride spokesman, said the bus was a route 97 Zuni bus, which travels from Downtown to Zuni and Wyoming, and back.

The white van that crashed into the bus had a shattered front windshield and the front passenger side door was smashed in. It belongs to Carroll Plumbing & Heating.

Employee Joe Silva told the company’s owner Benjamin Carroll that he was driving to a job near Girard and Garfield when the brakes of the van failed. Carroll said Silva possibly suffered a broken leg and a concussion, but said he hadn’t yet spoken to him at the hospital Thursday afternoon.

“It’s tragic what happened,” said Carroll, who started his business nearly 50 years ago.

A few other employees showed up soon after the crash.

“He is a young man, he’s strong, so he should be OK,” employee Roger Paniagua said of Silva. “I just hope everyone else is all right. Our thoughts and prayers are with them.”

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Video: Pool Cleaner + Brake Fluid = Fiery Chemical Reaction

Is this safe? Definitely not. But, it is cool!

Two basic ingredients that technicians are sure to have in their garage — pool cleaner and brake fluid.

You don’t need pure chlorine, what you need is “pool shock” or calcium hypochlorite. Your brake fluid should be a type with polyethylene glycol. When you mix the two together, nothing happens. Well, for about 15 seconds nothing happens.

Soon the mixture bubbles up, builds up pressure inside the water bottle forcing the plastic to expand and … POW! Erupts into a red flame.

Is brake fluid flammable? Not necessarily. Here’s an explanation from i09:

“In studies of the reaction, all the brake fluid is consumed by the fire, but no effort on the part of the researchers can get the brake fluid to ignite on its own. The calcium hypochlorite is ripping the brake fluid apart, grabbing the hydrocarbons in it, and the heat from the reaction is making them ignite. In conclusion, boom.”

Here’s a few things to be careful for:

This reaction will work in any bottle, including glass bottles. Do not use a glass bottle to try this out. The glass will break into shards and the shards shooting off from the reaction could result in an injury.

It’s also a chemical reaction people, there’s nothing inherently safe about those …

But, you can Youtube the reaction safely! Check out this video:

VIDEO: Worst Parent Ever? 3 Year Old Does Brake Job

Check out this horrendous video of a parent making their 3 year old little girl adjust the parking brake on a 2008 Jeep Grand Cherokee.

I don’t care how bad you want your daughter to be a mechanic, she is just too young to be handling this type of equipment! Always use your best judgement when put in a situation like this. She has plenty of time to gain learning experiences, and being three years old isn’t the right time!