Found On Reddit: Pacman Brake Rotors

A Reddit user recently uploaded a photo of a customer who decided to shave his calipers down in order to fit on his wheels. Although this is never a good idea, we noticed that there was something extra special about this man’s set of brakes.

Introducing the custom pacman rotors, equipped with indentations of each of the games classic players and even a bunch of ‘balls’ that the pacman eats within the game. How cool!

It’s never okay to shave your calipers, but it is okay to have really cool rotors!

Daily Dose Of Funny: Missing Caliper Bolt

Have you ever had that feeling that you were missing something? You knew you had almost everything together, but couldn’t recall what the one thing was?

This is the scenario that happened to one unfortunate fellow that forgot a crucial piece of his braking system.. the bolt that holds it all together!

Now, you don’t have to be a mechanic to know that the brake’s calipers are held in place by bolts. So what happens when one of the bolts are missing?

This. Don’t let it happen to you!

Photo courtesy of Reddit

MMA’s Chuck Liddell and Brake Pads Don’t Mix

Chuck Liddell is a bad ass, but he should not sell brake pads. Even this UFC knock out record holder can’t stop a car in mid air. This is bad marketing. It would be like Martha Stewart baking a cake without a stove while folding a towel and then tickling the Pillsbury Dough Boy. This is even worse than a beer commercial showing a drinker picking up beach bunnies just because he popped the top on a bottle.

Chuck Liddell may be able to kick my butt. But a car going 55mph with bad brake would kick his butt.

Daily Dose of Funny: Brake Pad Emoticons

We’re all familiar with the emojis or emoticons used when sending text messages to friends or significant others, but what if you could do the same with your brake pad?

We found a hilarious picture of brake pads that look so close to emoticons, that you could almost mistake them as a text! Just kidding, but they’re still pretty cool.
Check it out!