VIDEO: Funny Engrish Brake Lathe Video

This video is for a cheap on the car brake lathe from China. The voice over and translation is so bad it is comical. Turn on the captions for maximum Engrish.

Here is a sample of the great translation:

“make sure that the judge should drop in your head at the same level”

“to check into wheelchair would get this does be fixing puters it doesn’t check”

“fixed abode two dicks at about 50 I’d beat work”



ESSAY: Man Wants To Remove the Brakes From His Car

vaccinesThis is a pretty interesting and funny argument about parents who do not want to vaccinate their children. Instead of using multiple sources on how vaccines save children, he takes the argument down a road with no brakes. Good read for mechanics.


Guys, I wanted to let you know about a personal decision I recently made. I don’t really feel like discussing it, but I want to put my position out there. Please be respectful. This is a really long post, but please read the whole thing.

I’m taking the brakes off my car. This isn’t a rash decision, so please listen up.

A few weeks ago I saw a car accident – two people went through an intersection at the same time. Both slammed on their brakes at the same time and collided. Fortunately no one was seriously injured.

But then it occurred to me – if they had just gone through the intersection, they wouldn’t have collided. The brakes CAUSED the accident!



Video: Pool Cleaner + Brake Fluid = Fiery Chemical Reaction

Is this safe? Definitely not. But, it is cool!

Two basic ingredients that technicians are sure to have in their garage — pool cleaner and brake fluid.

You don’t need pure chlorine, what you need is “pool shock” or calcium hypochlorite. Your brake fluid should be a type with polyethylene glycol. When you mix the two together, nothing happens. Well, for about 15 seconds nothing happens.

Soon the mixture bubbles up, builds up pressure inside the water bottle forcing the plastic to expand and … POW! Erupts into a red flame.

Is brake fluid flammable? Not necessarily. Here’s an explanation from i09:

“In studies of the reaction, all the brake fluid is consumed by the fire, but no effort on the part of the researchers can get the brake fluid to ignite on its own. The calcium hypochlorite is ripping the brake fluid apart, grabbing the hydrocarbons in it, and the heat from the reaction is making them ignite. In conclusion, boom.”

Here’s a few things to be careful for:

This reaction will work in any bottle, including glass bottles. Do not use a glass bottle to try this out. The glass will break into shards and the shards shooting off from the reaction could result in an injury.

It’s also a chemical reaction people, there’s nothing inherently safe about those …

But, you can Youtube the reaction safely! Check out this video:

Worst of Reddit: Bad Brakes

Every once and a while we compile a quick gallery of pictures of the very worst brakes Reddit has to offer. These pictures are taken by shop owners or mechanics, and then anonymously uploaded onto Reddit’s secure server to share with the world. This week, we have some seriously funny photos.


This customer wanted a quick fix so he could get to work on time..

Photo by /u/hanzG

Photo by /u/hanzG








This next customer complained about a hard time steering

Photo by /u/att2455

Photo by /u/att2455










This customer said she heard a weird sound being emitted from the base of her car

Photo by /u/apalms93

Photo by /u/apalms93










This customer waited too long to get their brakes checked..

Photo by /u/longwestwood







Finally, in our last picture we have a customer who knew he needed his brakes checked, waited to long, and decided to post a picture of his stupidity on the internet.

Photo by /u/Fixsh*t

Photo by /u/Fixsh*t










We hope you enjoyed our montage of bad brakes and learned the same valuable lesson these poor customers did when realizing it was way too late to get their brakes fixed. It is imperative to properly maintain you brakes and get them checked at least every 6 months to a year. You don’t want your brakes to end up on this website, so its up to you do your part and take care of your car!

Best Of Reddit: Just Rolled Into The Shop

Every once in a while, the Safe Braking team compiles pictures of the very worst brakes the internet has to offer. Mainly rooting from the Reddit subreddit /r/justrolledintotheshop.

Check out the best pictures of the week!

1)”My brakes feel a little spongey” Courtesy of /u/Captain-NeckBeard









2) “Back Brakes Don’t Do Much, Right?” Courtesy of /u/jimmy9800









3) “Replaced Wheel Hub, Reinstalled Brakes Improperly” Yikes! Wouldn’t want that mechanic. Courtesy of /u/natedagr811






“I keep hearing this squealing noise every time I brake” Really ya don’t say?
Courtesy of /u/gowiththeflow123








It is imperative to frequently get your brakes inspected, as you do not want to end up like one of the poor customers above.

Best Of Reddit: Bad Brakes

Every so often, we find the worst possible cases of brake rotor and pad delamination on Reddit. These posts are all submitted anonymously, and are usually derived from mechanics, shop owners or just plain DIYers.

This week, we have four select photos that absolutely scream brake failure. Some of them you’ll wonder how they even made it in to the shop!


1) This customer complained of brake noise. Photo by GearHeadLV This customer complained of brake noise..








2) This next customer forgot the E-brake and didn’t notice.. Photo by LeoCreations 






3) “My brakes don’t seem to work as well as they used to” Photo by Aye-aye-ron_








4) The last customer bought his new car from an auction..this is what was ‘helping’ him stop. Photo by Reboticon