Car Crash Results in Paint-Covered Dog

Photo Credit: KOMO News
Photo Credits: KOMO News

A car crash resulted in a paint-covered dog (and driver). Soon after, dog questions its human’s ability to drive. 

On a Tuesday afternoon, June, 26, a Washington State man and his dog were hauling five-gallon buckets of latex paint when the driver lost control of his SUV and ran off a state highway. The paint buckets went flying during the crash, broke open, and coated the man, his dog and the interior of the vehicle.

KOMO-TV said the man suffered minor injuries and was taken to a nearby hospital. The dog suffered no injuries other than a freshly painted coat of fur.

Dog Covered In Paint
Fresh Paint Job

A trooper and an off-duty firefighter found a nearby resident who let them bathe the dog in her yard. Using her water hose and some borrowed shampoo, they turned the “gray dog” back to black. The local humane society also agreed to care for the dog temporarily while the driver of the vehicle recovered from minor injuries.

Dog Washed Off
Puppy Hosed Down

Maybe if the dog had been driving this whole ordeal would’ve been avoided?

Original story can be found here on The Columbian.