BRAKE TECH: New Ford Brake System has Cross-Drilled Brake Caliper Pistons

Cross-drilled caliper pistons? Yep and it is not a gimmick. The new Ford Taurus High-Performance Package has holes drilled in the caliper’s piston to prevent heat from transferring to the brake fluid. Kudos to Motor Trend for including this in their review.

The holes decrease the paths of heat transfer in the piston. It is sort of like walking across hot coles on your tippy-toes.

What really has me intrigued is the brake pads with two separate friction areas. The safest best is for noise and NVH performance. But, maybe this is the “bi-material” brake pad. On friction “puck” could use a low-temp/cold torque compound while the other could use a higher temp/high torque material. Some race cars are using this approach for endurance racing.