Brake Failure Launches Ford Into Storefront

Brake failure was to blame last night after a bright red Ford Focus crashed into the front of a local clothing store in Calgary, Canada.

Police duty inspector Michael Watterson said the driver, the only one in the car, was not injured in the crash.

He had this to say about the crash: “(She) is alluding to mechanical failure on the vehicle. The brakes failed.”

A ‘Fabric Land’ staff member said customers and staff were in the store at the time, but no one was hurt.

“It’s a relief. I’m glad. It’s not what you expect, something like that to happen.”

The shop stayed open while the mess was cleaned up, she said.

“We had a glass company come in to take (the glass) away. They put something up to cover it for the night.”

The windows will most likely be fixed on Thursday, she said.

The Calgary Fire Department had called a structural engineer to inspect the building as was required by law.