BAD BRAKES: Fake Brembo Caliper Covers

How do you change a single-piston caliper into a six-piston caliper from Brembo? You could buy a real Brembo kit or you could buy knock-off Brembo brake caliper covers!

These brake caliper covers are made of a resin plastic and painted red. They are glued to the caliper with silicon adhesive. To top it off, they have a counterfeit Brembo logo. The covers even have fake bleeder screws. They can fit any caliper because nothing says performance like a six-piston caliper on a 10-inch rotor.

Some of these covers can cause cooling problems. If installed improperly, they can prevent the caliper from centering over the rotor.

Here is a video from Mustang Medic advising not to uses these covers. (Skip the first 45 seconds)