20 Fatalities Blamed on Neglected and Corroded Brakes On Limo

Last year, 20 people were killed when a 2001 Ford Expedition Limo crashed in the town of Schoharie, New York. Last week the New York State Police released their report on the cause of the accident. The investigators identified the cause of the crash as catastrophic brake failure. The cause of the diminished braking capacity was a seized right rear caliper and a rear crossover brake line that was severely corroded. The limo company had been cited four times in the past two years for mechanical problems with their vehicles. Both issues with the brake should have been caught with regular inspection and repair.
The passengers in the limo complained on social media about the condition of the vehicle before the crash occurred.

Expert: Limo crash caused by “catastrophic brake failure”

Defense team reveals State Police expert’s determination in recent Schoharie court filing

A vehicle forensics expert hired by State Police to determine the cause of last October’s fatal limo crash is blaming the crash on a “catastrophic” failure of the brakes on the stretch Ford Excursion, according to newly released court documents. Lawyers for Nauman Hussain, who is facing manslaughter and criminally negligent homicide charges for each of the 20 victims in the case, revealed the results of the highly-anticipated State Police report in a May 17 filing in Schoharie County Court.

“The sole cause of the accident identified on page 82 of that report is “catastrophic brake failure,” the filing states.