10 Signs You Are Watching a Bad Brake Repair Video

kid:brake:repair:videoEveryday, eight years of content are uploaded to YouTube. Most are cat videos, but more than 49,000 videos that have been uploaded on how to replace your brakes. Most of these videos show some idiot in a driveway replacing brake pads. Some do a good job, but the majority of the brake jobs are half-assed and the person would be better off taking it to a shop. Here are the top 10 signs you can use to tell if you are watching a bad brake video on YouTube:

10. It is from Expert Village. This Expert Village does not have too many experts on brakes, mostly village idiots.

9. Children are doing the work. Aww isn’t that cute, Timmy forgot to use a torque wrench.

8. The guy is swearing and wearing flip-flops. Nothing says “pro” like open-toe shoes.

7. Guy needs to work on family issues more than his brakes (very funny).

6. Too much time is spent explaining and laying out the tools. This video is more about his OCD disorder than his brakes.

5. The video is longer than three minutes (this video is 28 minutes). Editing this video would help a lot.

4. The guys are drinking.

3. The camera and editing software costs more than the car they are working on.

2. Sledge hammer used way to often,

1. It starts with a guy sitting indian style.