Brake Failure Leads To Five Car Crash Indiana

According to sources, a car suffering from brake failure triggered a rear end 5 car collision crash last Wednesday in Evansville, Indiana.
Police say the car rear-ended a vehicle which caused consecutive rear-end crashes with another car and a dump truck. While simultaneously, the original car withe the faulty brakes struck an oncoming minivan.

Miraculously, no one was injured in this gruesome crash. Check out the video below.

Ambulance Stops Vehicle Traveling At 81 MPH From Crashing

Typically, ambulances are used in emergency situations to transport people to the hospital. But one ambulance driver in Dubai went above and beyond the call of duty, and diffused a different kind of emergency by using his own vehicle to stop an out of control car stricken with brake failure cruising at 81 MPH.

According to Emirates 24/7, Kablan Awad, a 31-year-old Dubai resident, was driving his Nissan Altima with a friend from the east side of town when he lost control of his brakes.

He then immediately phoned Dubai’s police just before entering town and told them that a disaster was imminent unless his car was stopped in its tracks.

The police responded by sending a patrol car and ambulance to escort the out of control vehicle as he reached the epicenter of town. Police told Awad that the ambulance was to accelerate in front of his car and he was to ‘gently’ ram into the back of the vehicle, then the ambulance would slowly start to slow down to a stop. The plan worked flawlessly.

There were no injuries and the ambulance suffered minor damages.


Brake Parts At The Top Lists of Online “Retail” Purchases

800px-ParcelfromamazonIf you have ordered brake pads online, you are not alone. In terms of dollars spent on automotive replacement parts through online purchasing, or e-tailing, three categories represent half of the dollar volume in 2013, according to E-Tailing in the Automotive Aftermarket from the Auto Care Association. The top three product categories are braking systems (primarily pads and shoes); ignition and engine (fuel pumps, alternators, ignition coils, etc.); and glass, mirrors and lamps.

The new E-Tailing in the Automotive Aftermarket digital study analyzes the online retail market for sales of aftermarket parts, and serves as the foundation for the Auto Care Association to provide a unified estimate of online sales within the aftermarket.

I will confess that I have purchased brake pads online. Typically I do this to find a brand that I want to install. Shipping is a problem and often destroys the savings of shopping online when compared to a normal parts store. Often a parts store will not charge you for shipping if they have to order the part.

Where do you buy your brake pads? Amazon? Tire Rack? Rock Auto?

VIDEO POV: Brake Failure Causes Crash At Circuit Of Americas

Although the Circuit Of Americas has only been around for two years, the race suffered its worst crash since inception last week due to one of the race cars being struck by brake failure.

According to sources, the driver, Tim Bell, who was driving a Nissan 370Z, was positioned at 10th in the beginning of the race, but unfortunately was unable to even make it through the first lap before the unexpected happened.

The video below shows Bell veering left to barely miss a Camaro before ultimately flying into the asphalt runoff and sand trap. The car hit the barrier in the middle of a sideways slide, but fortunately the car, the track and the safety crew all worked flawlessly as intended to keep Bell out of harms way.

On his Facebook page, Bell said: “Well that didn’t go as planned…. [Had] a complete brake failure at the end of the back straight entering at a 154mph…. Hit the wall at 136, according to the data… Thank you for everyone’s support and for the quick response of the medical crew…. Sucks that it happened but I’m blessed to walk away!

It will be interesting to see what changes are made to the track or vehicular inspection protocol following this horrific incident. The COTA track is also home to the TUDOR United SportsCar Championship, MotoGP, Formula 1 and Australian V8 Supercars.

Check out POV video of the gruesome crash!

NARPRO/Community Tire Pros Team Up for “Brakes for Breasts”

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NARPRO auto repair shops in Phoenix are partnering with Brakes for Breasts to help raise money for the Cleveland Breast Cancer Vaccine Research Fund by performing free brake inspections and installing free brake pads (valued up to $80).

The nation wide program has a goal of raising $100,000 in 2014. Customers get free brake pads from the shop but are charged for labor; 10 percent of those service charges will be donated to the Cleveland Clinic Breast Cancer Vaccine Research Fund. Parts suppliers like Mighty Automotive and NAPA are helping with the cost of the brake pads.

For a list of participating shops click here


BRAKE HARDWARE: What percentage of the time is it included with the pads?

Brake Hardware Survey

Brake Hardware Survey

Brake & Front End and Import Car magazines asked readers what percentage of the time is hardware included with the brake pads. Looking at the numbers, it is a 50/50 chance that the pads you order will have hardware.

So how do you increase your chances of having hardware in the box? Andrew Markel, editor of Brake & Front End gave this advice, “Buy better pads, higher-quality pads will typically have better hardware kits that are more complete. Also the materials are better and offer better corrosion resistance and noise dampening properties.”