Driver Loses Control and Rams Vehicles After Brake Failure

A bus driver was severely injured last Friday after he lost control of his vehicle and struck multiple vehicles, including a civilian taxi and a motorcycle.

According to Police, the driver was on his way to pick up employees of an unamed company around 6:15 am. When he reached the city, he lost traction due the slippery condition of the road. Immediately following this, his brakes failed and the bus went on a rampage ramming a civilian taxi, a motorcycle and two cars. Police say the drivers of other vehicles had a miraculous escape and were lucky to be alive.

The driver was immediately rushed to the hospital and is said to be in stable condition. There is no word regarding the possibility of criminal charges.


NHTSA Needs Your Help

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) has sent the Office of Management and Budget a plea for continued information gathering from brake hose manufacturers under federally regulated brake hose safety standards.

According to the Paperwork Reduction Act, all government agencies must reapply periodically for approval to compile information from regulated companies. In creating those applications, the agencies will have to consider whether the information request is reasonable and appropriate.

NHTSA transmitted a routine request on continued information gathering in support of Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standard No. 106, Brake Hoses, according to an April 14 Federal Register notice.

The agency has told OMB that manufacturers of brake hoses and brake hose assemblies have register their identification marks with NHTSA to be in complete compliance with the labeling requirements of the brake hose standard.

Of the 1,944 manufacturers of brake hoses, end fittings and assemblies registered with NHTSA, about 20 request annually to have their symbol added or removed, the agency said.

May 14 is the deadline for comments to OMB on the request.

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Gravel Truck Loses Grip: Brake Failure Crash

A flipped gravel truck slightly blocked the intersection of Highway 99 and Roosevelt Blvd. after it crashed Sunday afternoon.

Police reports say nobody was injured.

The truck was headed north on Highway 99 when the driver became aware that he’d lost the air line to the truck’s brakes, police say.

The driver made a sharp right turn onto Roosevelt Blvd. to avoid hitting a pedestrian in the intersection, Officer Rodney Thrower said.

Monroe Brake Products Announces ‘Trust the Pros BENEFITS’ Sales Incentive

Tenneco’s Monroe Brakes brand is ready to reward counter professionals, jobber salespeople and warehouse distributors with a prepaid card for every Monroe Brakes Total Solution, Monroe ProSolution and Monroe Severe Solution brake pad set sold between April 1 and May 31.

Created to drive traffic to Monroe Brakes trade partner locations, the Monroe Brakes brand also has two consumer promotions running concurrently with this incentive that rewards consumers with up to a $30 prepaid card for Monroe Brakes product installations and a $10 prepaid card for any additional qualifying product purchases.

“The complete promotional program from Monroe Brakes offers the consumer a great value on premium Monroe Brakes products,” said Sheryl Bomia, Tenneco’s North American Programs manager. “It reminds consumers and all of our trade partners of the critical importance of inspecting brake pads for wear and replacing worn components, restoring the vehicle’s stopping ability.” 

The Monroe Brakes “Trust the Pros BENEFITS” promotion will provide a $2 spiff for each qualifying sale of Monroe Total Solution and Monroe Severe Solution brake pad set sold and a $1 spiff for each qualifying sale of Monroe ProSolution brake pad set sold. Total award dollars are calculated from total program sales and delivered on one prepaid card at the end of the program.

To obtain a “Trust the Pros BENEFITS” scorecard or to learn more about the promotion, contact your Monroe Brakes representative and/or parts provider. Completed scorecards and copies of sales invoices must be postmarked and mailed to Monroe Brakes promotional headquarters no later than June 16. A minimum of 25 brake pad sets must be sold to qualify. There is a maximum $500 redemption per participant.

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Bendix Brake Pad Identifier App Launched

The Bendix Brake Pad Identifier app makes it easier to find replacement brake pads by giving you the reference code of your current brake pad in just seconds.

To use the app, you enter the make and model of the car, as well as the length of the brake pad. From there, you capture a photo of the brake pad using a piece of white paper as the background.

Using similar technology to the facial recognition software embedded in most modern cameras, the app now contains enough information to match up the appropriate brake reference from its monstrous database.

Additionally, Bendix say that this database will be constantly updated over time as new models surface in the market.

“By just taking a few steps the Bendix Brake Pad Identifier will automatically identify the brake pad in your workshop allowing an unprecedented level of customer service in speed and accuracy,” Bendix Marketing Services Manager Ian Bott says.

A version of the Bendix Brake Pad Identifier app can be found on both the Android and iPhone app stores.