Seven Killed, 44 Injured As Bus Falls Into Gorge In India

According to sources, seven people were killed and 44 others were injured when a Tamil Nadu State Transport Corporation bus careened 100 feet down a steep hillside to a gorge  on Tuesday.

The accident occurred at a hairpin turn at around 1.20pm, police sources said. The bus was stated to have been traveling from to Hogenakkal from Dharmapuri.

“As of now, we have recovered seven bodies from the gorge. The death toll may increase,” said the police.

The injured were immediately rushed to nearest government hospital.

The accident happened at the third hairpin bend on the road to Hogenakkal at around 1.20pm.

Seven killed, 44 injured as bus falls into gorge in Tamil Nadu

Farmer And Passenger Lucky To Be Alive After Downhill Brake Failure

Two New Zealand men are thanking their lucky stars after having their lives spared when the brakes on their truck suddenly failed and caused the vehicle to become out of control.

Donald Robbie and Collin Howes were driving a truck laden with gravel on a hill when they suddenly faced potentially life-changing decision: Howes jumped, Robbie decided to try to steer the truck to safety.

The older man recalled his thoughts when the incident was occurring, he told reporters he thought: “‘Oh shit, I don’t think we’ve got any brakes’, so I rode it out there for a while, but I had to make a pretty quick split decision what I was going to do, and my choice was to bail out.”

“I think it was the right decision in the end.”

Howes was picked up by the Palmerston North Rescue Helicopter with multiple ankle fractures.

The fractures required pins to be inserted into his leg, and he’s been told he won’t be able to walk on it for at least six months.

“But that’s all I got. Someone was looking after me that day.”

Robbie told sources he was driving his farm truck, laden with 4.5 cubic metres of gravel, down a track on a steep hill when the brakes suddenly failed.

“The brake just went to the floor, I pumped it and nothing,” he told reporters.

“[Others working on the farm] saw me going around the hill face, getting faster and faster. There was nothing anybody could do.”

Miraculously, he managed to keep some control over the vehicle, using a drain beside a hillside track for resistance.

His truck carried on down the hill for half a kilometre. At the bottom, it jumped over a culvert before eventually coming to a stop.

“I sat for a moment and thought, someone’s looking after me,” Robbie said.

Reflecting on their different decisions, Howes said of Robbie: “He knew the lay of the land, so he had a bit of an advantage, he knew where to run off. He did well, amazing that joker.”

Robbie was taken to Palmerston North Hospital, but discharged yesterday after being kept under observation overnight on Tuesday.

EPA, OEMs and Brake Manufacturers Sign Agreement On Reducing Copper in Brake Pads

Reps of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), the Environmental Council of the States (ECOS) and motor vehicle industry associations signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) between the agency and the motor vehicle industry for the reduction of copper in brake pads. The MOU calls for the reduction of the use of copper in brake pads beginning in 2021 to levels less than 5 percent by weight and further reductions to 0.5 percent by the year 2025.

The states of California and Washington initially enacted legislation to this effect and it became clear that guidelines were needed at the national level to ensure consistency in reporting requirements and recognition of the industry’s compliance with those laws. Brake manufacturers have fully supported the efforts and have expended millions of dollars in the reformulation of their proprietary brake friction ingredients to ensure continued product quality and performance, motorists’ safety and reduced copper content.

The ceremony was held here today in conjunction with the Society of Automotive Engineers International (SAE) 2015 Government/Industry Meeting. Participating in the MOU signing were Stan Meiburg, acting deputy assistant administrator of the EPA, signing for EPA Administrator Gina McCarthy; Robert J. Martineau Jr., ECOS president and commissioner of the Tennessee Department of Environment & Conservation; and designated signatories from the supporting industry trade associations.

“This historic MOU will provide the motor vehicle industry with consistent copper reduction guidelines and eliminate the potential for disparate state regulations,” said Steve Handschuh, president and CEO of the Motor & Equipment Manufacturers Association (MEMA), one of key industry associations involved with the effort. “This has been a proactive, collaborative effort by regulatory agencies, states, the automotive aftermarket and the motor vehicle industry to reduce copper in U.S. waterways.”

The motor vehicle industry associations that supported this effort and provided feedback on the MOU are:

  • Alliance of Automobile Manufacturers
  • Association of Global Automakers
  • Auto Care Association
  • Automotive Aftermarket Suppliers Association
  • Brake Manufacturers Council
  • Heavy Duty Manufacturers Association
  • Motor & Equipment Manufacturers Association
  • Truck and Engine Manufacturers Association

To learn the MOU and copper reduction in brake products, visit

One Killed As Brake-Ridden Road Roller Flattens Bystanders

One person is dead and multiple people are injured following a freak accident that took place today in Mapusa, India.

According to reports, a road roller was on the job when it suddenly lost all braking power and started to pick up momentum. The driver started shouting loudly to the people on the road to move aside as the roller begun traveling faster and faster out of control.

When the road roller reached a slope, it hit a scooter coming in the opposite direction. The impact was so powerful that the woman was flung off from her scooter and hit the gutter by the road.

The road roller which was in no control of the driver hit the two two-wheelers along the road. By this time the road roller had already travelled for more than 150 meters along the slope.

Realizing that the vehicle cannot be controlled because of the junction ahead the driver jumped off it to save his life. The speeding road roller, without driver, later  entered a no-entry road and hit a building, and fell on its side, but all not before damaging 11 two-wheelers and a car. Six two-wheelers were completely crushed under the roller.